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The DAMAG-INC Kali combatives training is based primarily in the Filipino Martial ArtsKali, Arnis, Escrima, Kuntao-Silat, Panantukan, Dumog, etc. ), integrated with, Combat Grappling, Thai Boxing & Jeet Kune Do Concepts backed with a Mixed-Martial-Arts approach to training for practical utilization of techniques and skills designed for self-preservation,  intense physical conditioning, confidence, security & combat effectiveness to name a few.


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Training in hand-held impact and bladed weaponry in ALL the RANGES of fighting including unarmed combat.
Photo examples in live action as demonstrated below:
Jaime Vela(left) and Marc Estepa(right)
Power training on the tire
Daniel(white) vs Rigger Josh(black) in the backyard
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About Daniel Arola
in his own words:
"...I began my martial arts journey in the Philippines when I was 10 in 1982 training in Arnis and boxing through various "uncles" and distant relatives as my primary source for training. I had several cousins who also shared the same enthusiasm for the martial arts and fighting. We were young boys up in the country with the mountains to the east of us and the ocean several miles to the west and we had much time and energy to spend on building ourselves as young men learning from our elders, the local fighting styles with the sticks, blades, fists and empty hands and we did a lot of boxing since my self and my younger brother John owned two pairs of boxing gloves that we had brought back to the PI from the US in those years.

I moved back to the US when I was 13 and continued on with my training in various other arts which I "dabbled" with. I did train in Hapkido and Tang Soo Do long enough to earn Blackbelt dan ranking. I earned my 1st dan in Tang Soo Do and Hapkido from Master Chris Yaeger who heads a school in Deer Park, Texas. Years later, I connected with another local Hapkido/TKD instructor named Larry Ordonio who is also Filipino with an Arnis Largo-Mano style background. Through Master Ordonio, I was awarded the rank of 3rd Dan with the International TKD Hapkido Institute

In 1993, I met and began training under Tim Mousel in Houston Texas. With Tim being a certified instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto in the Houston area I learned Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Thai Boxing, Combat Grappling and Inosanto/Lacoste Kali blend.
I eventually became an instructor at Mousel's Self Defense Academy for a number of years. I also have grappling and MMA competition experience under my belt as a fighter through MSDA. I was undefeated. I continued onward in my training where my primary focus lies with the Filipino Martial Arts and full-contact weapons sparring and fighting."

I teach a full-group class in Filipino Kali on Tues and Fri nights at 6:00 PM where the curriculum largely surrounds stickfighting training, and SOME blade training at: 5710 Brittmoore Rd, Houston Texas 77041 [Mousel's Mixed Martial Arts Academy-http://defend.net] DAMAG-INC Can you DIG IT!
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DAMAG-INC -founded 2005






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